Torque Transducers, Torque Sensors and other torque measurement solutions
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Advanced Range of Torque Transducers from Datum Electronics
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Torque Measurement Solutions

Torque Transducers from Datum Electronics provide an effective, reliable and cost effective method of measuring torque in rotary machinery. Our standard torque transducers are non contact and transmit clean, reliable digital torque data with the capability of measuring torque from 0 – 10,000Nm as standard with options up to 500,000Nm. We are one of the UK's leading torque measurement specialists and have supplied torque transducers and measurement solutions to some of the worlds leading organisations within the field of rotary machinery. Read more about Torque Transducers.

Torque Transducers, Torque Sensors and other torque measurement solutions

Torque Transducers
Torque Transducer M420 Series
Standard Ranges of Rotary and Static Torque Transducers ranging from 10Nm to 80,000Nm, bespoke ranges to 2MNm.

Non-Contact Signal transmission and a wide range of outputs RS232/RS485/4-20mA/+/-10Vdc
Shaft Power Measurement Kits
Shaft Power Measurement Kit
Shaft power measuring systems that enables users to gather data from a wide range of shafts to assess power levels and torque changes. The installation has been simplified to allow a wide range of technicians to utilise the systems quickly and efficiently on site.
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Torque Transducer Heavy Duty RS420
Torque Transducer RS420
Datum offer three ranges of torque transducers to measure torques from 10Nm up to 2MNm. The three ranges are:-

Conventional Torque Transducers - Series M420 – The M420 Series is a non-contact, reliable and accurate transducer that provide a range of outputs RS232, RS485, USB, 4-20mA, +/-10Vdc for torques ranging from 0-10Nm up to 0-80,000Nm.

Rotor Stator Torque Transducers – Series RS420 – similar to the M420 range but with no bearing or contact between the rotor and the static signal interface. This transducer series can be supplied in a standard format or designed to fit an existing shaft for torques fro, 0-10Nm up to 0-500,000Nm

Flanged Torque Transducer – Series FF420 – again with the same accuracy and reliability as the M-Series but packaged in a Flange mounted configuration. Large Flange Torque Sensors can be designed to fit existing couplings up to 2MNm.
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Small Arrow Picture   Marine Torsion Meters
Marine Torsionmeter System 106000
Shaft Torsionmeter in Action
Datum Electronics offer a range of Naval and Commercial Marine Torsionmeter Systems. The Naval systems have been tested and qualified to both MIL Specifications and UK DefStan’s and are in use worldwide.

The Commercial Marine System is the world only modular solution to marine shaft power measurement and can be used for shafts from 100mm up to 1100mm in diameter. It is the most economic system available to install and support throughout your fleet.

Both systems provide an accurate measurement of shaft power, rpm and torque the data is available for display and transmission to the ships control systems. Additional data options are available to monitor shaft drive conditions and vibration.

Datum has supplied over 200 shaft system to naval and commercial customers worldwide.

Read more about our Marine Torsionmeter Systems
Small Arrow Picture   Load Cell Amplifiers


Datum Load Cell Amplifers can be used in a number of different processing applications requiring signal amplification for control and monitoring. One such example in Australia required the end user to monitor a 100mm steel beam at a Nuclear facility. The beam oscillates from tension and compression at 100Hz, in terms of measurement, the Datum Type 131 Load Cell Amplifier met all requirements.
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Datum Electronics load cell amplifiers, amplify the signal from a large majority of commercially available load cells with a full bridge connection. Amplifying this signal allows the user to use the data from the load cell in a more efficient and productive way. Reading the signal from a load cell amplifier can be difficult, but with a Datum Electronics load cell amplifier, the job is made simpler, easier, and more efficient.
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Small Arrow Picture   Power Take Off (PTO)


Our PTO systems are used both in the field and for machine testing in mainly agricultural environments and have been sold around the world including Shelbourne Reynolds (UK). Positioned between the tractor PTO (Power Take Off) and the drive coupling or input shaft for stripper headers, elevators, grain augers and silage blowers.
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PTO Shaft Torque and Power Monitoring System will monitor and log the torque, shaft speed and transmitted power accurately when testing new systems driven from all standard PTO Shafts. A versatile product, which has proved a useful for monitoring tractor PTO shafts, standard applications are available for 1”3/8 x 6 spline, 1”3/8 x 21 spline and 1”3/4 x 6 spline shaft configurations.
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Small Arrow Picture   Bolt On Sensors


Bolt-On sensors are ideal for weighing applications for silos and weigh hoppers. Mix ‘n’ Batch required a number of Bolt-ons for 6 Silos with both square and round legs. They selected our 3-hole temperature compensated units with custom cable length requirements.
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The series 460 Bolt-on strain gauge from Datum Electronics offer two types of multi-element bolt-on strain sensor that have been developed to provide a rugged and robust production sensor with the benefits associated with a complex strain gauge installation. Designed to measure tensile and compressive bending stresses they can be used in applications including: vehicles, civil engineering structures, silos, hoppers and specialist engineering projects.
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Small Arrow Picture   Power Measurement


Large scale concrete production is critical for large scale developments such as those at Terminal 5, Heathrow. Being able to control and monitor the quality of concrete being produced was being disrupted due to the consistency of power being supplied. Controlling the power going into the mix is critical in terms of controlling consistency, and this was not possible due to fluctuating power levels from the national grid. AMEC came to Datum Electronics to help with their requirements for power measurement and control.
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Rotary test rigs often require various analysis and control measurement requirements for testing and analysis of power. Powertrain test stands often require additional measurement features which are secondary to the primary role of the equipment including torque measuring devices to control and monitor power train levels. Datum Electronics manufacture a wide range of torque transducers and sensors designed for use with high temperature, high torque, and high speed variations our transducers can cater for a wide range of requirements.
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