Torque and Shaft Power Measurement Specialists

27 years of experience in the design,
build and supply of torque sensors,
torque transducers and shaft power meters.

We produce leading edge Torque Transducer technology, supplying advanced sensor products to 54 countries worldwide.

Torque Sensors and Transducers 5Nm to 60,000Nm

M425 Torque Sensors and Transducers

Leading Edge Torque Transducer and Sensor technology, ranges from 5Nm to 60,000Nm. High Accuracy, High Resolution and Data Rates. User Configurable Outputs.



FF425 Torque Sensors and Transducers

Leading Edge 425 Technology in ranges from 0-50Nm up to 0-500KNm. High Accuracy, High Resolution, Non-Contact, High Date Rates, User Configurable Outputs

Shaft Power Measurement Kit

Shaft Power Measuring Systems

Key tool for fuel saving programs and condition monitoring. Shaft sizes from 100mm up to 1000mm. Ship Systems, Industrial Systems.

Shaft Powermeter and Shaft Torsionmeter

Commercial Marine Shaft Powermeter

Shaft Powermeter to monitor for propeller shafts, engine shafts and auxillary shafts. Accurate reporting of Shaft Power, Torque and RPM. Shaft Diameters from 100mm up to 1000mm

Naval Torsionmeter Systems

Naval Torsionmeters

Designed and tested to UK DefStan and US MIL Specifcations. Outputs of Shaft Power, Torque and RPM.

Non-Contact Torque Sensors

RS425 Torque Sensors and Transducers

Fully non-contact range of torque sensors that can be adapted to fit most drive lines. The torque sensor can be added to existing shafts and coupling spacers. Range from 5 to 2,000,000Nm.

Strain Gauges Bolt on IP68

Bolt-on Strain Gauges

Fully Sealed Bolt on Strain Sensors for OEM application of field applications. Suitable for weighing, stress monitoring and overload protection.

Torque Sensor Design

OEM Torque Transducer and Bolt-on Strain Sensor Design

Datum Electronics will discuss your requirements in detail and provide a proposal to manufactrure sensors to your exact requirements.

Torque Measurement Data and Analysis

Torque Measurement Systems

Datum Electronics can provide complete torque, strain and power monitoring systems including user interfaces and logging software.

Linkedin Torque Sensors

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