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Load Cells & Load Cell Amplifiers

Datum Electronics load cell amplifiers and load cells offer competitively priced and robust products to suit most requirements. Load cell amplifiers amplify the signal from most commercially available full bridge sensors for either single applications or for network solutions of up to 50 load cells.

Single Applications                    Network Solutions for up to 50 load cells 
Type 131 Load Cell Amplifier Type 135 RS485 Load Cell Amplifier
Type 132 Load Cell Amplifier Type 136 USB Load Cell Amplifier
Type 123 Strain Gauge Amplifier  
DTP201 Strain Gauge Amplifiers       

Datum Type 131 & 132 Load Cell AmplifiersLoad Cell Amplifiers
A Datum Electronics load cell amplifier, amplifies the signal from a large majority of commercially available load cells with a full bridge connection. Amplifying this signal allows the user to use the data from the load cell in a more efficient and productive way. Reading the signal from a load cell amplifier can be difficult, but with a Datum Electronics load cell amplifier, the job is made simpler, easier, and more efficient.

What is it used for?
Load cell amplifiers improve system testing and can improve the signal efficiency. Signals are affected by various uncontrollable elements such as noise and transmission interferences which can affect the strength and reliability of the signal.

Load cell amplifiers can allow for scaling of a signal by analysing the operational signals at the required levels by zero and span adjustments.

The best way to show this through an example.
You have a container with 800kgs of total load weight. The container itself weights a total of 200kgs which gives a total weight of 1000kgs. A standard load cell can measure the total weight of the container including its load. A load cell amplifier can be used to scale the total load (800kgs) to allow you to measure just the change in weight and remove the dead weight of the container (200kgs) out of the equation. This can be done via a change in the analogue output. By setting either the zero (0-10V) or 4 (4-20mA) at 200kgs and the full scale rating at 10 (0-10V) or 20 (4-20mA) the amplifier will only take a measurement in between those to values in order to give true reflection of the containers change in load

Load cell amplifiers can be used in any number of applications for various reasons. They can be used in conjunction with all full bridge load cells.

Load Cells

Our Load Cell Range provides weighing solutions for a broad spectrum of industrial applications. We offer solutions for a majority of applications including Shear Beams, Silo Mount Load Cells and S-Cells. 

Datum Load Cells and Load Cell Amplifiers

Shear Beams

Stainless steel and fully sealed to IP68. Perfect for use in applications including weighing platforms, bag fillers, belt weighers and tank weighing.

Silo Mount Load Cells
Supplied as a complete assembly consisting of a load cell and a fabricated loading assembly. The complete assembly is simple to install because of its tolerance of angular misalignment and allowance for thermal expansion. This type of product is ideal for weighing in plant, truck and mixer weighing applications.

‘S’ Cells
Manufactured from stainless steel these load cells are designed to work in harsh environments and protected accordingly. These units operate in both tension and compression. Applications include bag filling machines, overhead track scales, hoppers, material testing and conveyors.