Power Measurement

To save energy and power you need an accurate measurement of power that can validate changes you make to the products and process they apply to.

The measurement of rotary power gives you the ability to look at the overall systems efficiency and to breakdown the efficiency of parts of the system. Typically it will give you a fuel input to power ratio and a power output to effect (miles travelled, fluid pumped, product made) ratio.

Datum Electronics have 25 years experience in providing standard power measurement solutions and the ability to design and develop new solutions to fit specific requirements.

Rotary Power Measurement Solutions are used in:

Product Development for testing and validation

Product Test Rigs to prove power outputs and power consumption

In the product itself to measure ongoing power efficiency and for condition monitoring

Power and Torque Measurement Sensors

Power and Torque Measurement Sensors

To calculate the Power (WATTS), enter your Torque (Nm) and RPM below.






How do we calculate this?

Power (W) = Torque (Nm) ∗ ( RPM ÷ 30 ) ∗ π

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