C440 Helical Screw Pile Torque Measurement

Datum Electronics, the torque measurement specialists, are proud to introduce another industry leading torque analysis solution; the C440 Helical Screw Pile Torque Measurement System.  The C440 is a completely non-contact torque sensor which is simple, easy to use and instal/remove where neccessary.  It is highly accurate and hassle free heavy torque measurement package which is fast proving to be an essential tool for those who need to confidently measure and verify heavy duty torque

The C440 has shown that is not only a solution but it is the future for the measuring torque in the helical screw piling industry.  The accepted method of assesing the integrity of a helical screw pile is by estimating the hydraulic back pressure genereated using visual hydraulic gauges and recording by hand this data.  This system is both time and labour intensive and generally has an accuracy rating of only 10-30%.  The C440 helical screw pile torque measurement system has an accuracy rating of better than 1% with its data being able to be wirelessly transmitted to rugged PDA or laptop.  This data is straightforward to  export to Microsoft Office programs such as Excel for easy analysis and storage.  The C440 is easy to introduce to any Helical Screw Pile installation system and allows for a far simpler, accurate, efficient and more reliable method of installation giving a greater sense of confidence in what is being installed

The C440 comes in 7 standard ranges: 0-10kNm, 0-20kNm, 0-40kNm, 0-80kNm, 0-130kNm, 0-250kNm and 0-500kNm, the system can come with either a rugged PDA, or with a USB dongle for direct PC connection.  Other size ranges can be made to order - please contact Datum Electronics for more infomation.

The C440’s simplicicty and flexibility easily lends itself to many other applications where the measurement of torque in large drilling and excavation machinery is used in a civil engineering environment.  The accuracy and its ability to wirelessly log and record data, allows companies the security that they have used an accurate method of measuring torque and be able to provide the records whenever the need arises.  Datum Electronics can now offer another practical torque measurement solution to the marketplace with the C440 quickly being adopted as another standard solution for the industry

C440 Helical Screw Pile Torque Measurement System Advantages
  • Accurate - better than 1%
  • Simple and Easy To use and Instal
  • Fast and Reliable Logging system
  • Robust Design: IP67 Rated
  • Rechargable Lifespan 3-4 weeks Usage
  • Temperature range: -20 to +60°C

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