NetDisp Network Software

The Datum Electronics NetDisp software is a Windows™ PC based software package, designed to gather data from up to a total number of 50 Load Cells, connected to a USB Network via Datum Electronics Type136 , USB Network Strain Gauge Amplifiers.

Each Load Cell on the Network is individually calibrated to give an output in Kg.

The software package sequentially reads the current load value from each cell and processes all load values to provide Display and Group Sum functions.

The software allows for the load value of groups of cells to be summed together to give a total load for the group. This Total Load is treated in the same way as Individual Cell Load for display & alarm functions.

A “Standard NetDisp” system includes up to 16 visual on screen alarms and would comprise the following components:

  • NetDisplay Interface Module
  • Includes regulated power supply for the networked amplifiers
  • “NetDisplay” software Disk and “End User license”
  • Choice of RS485 or USB interfaces into the PC

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