OEM Production Sensors

Datum will work with you in partnership on the development of long-term solutions to meet your sensing requirements. Datum has provided expertise to analyze the measurement challenge, complete prototype testing, per-production testing and final production. Datum regularly integrates designs with customer’s production readiness and quality requirements.

Datum Electronics have been supplying industry with a range of products and solutions since the late 1980’s.

·         OEM Production Sensors

·         Bolt of strain gauges for vehicle overturning moment alarms and vehicle weighing systems

·         Torque Sensors as element of drive lines

·         Strain Elements for

·         Bolt on Large Shaft Torque Sensors

During this period, we have been involved with and supported a number of customer applications with our range of standard products and solutions or bespoke solutions meeting the needs of our customers. Our knowledge and expertise within a variety of specialist fields allows us to focus on your requirements in an effective and professional way. 

Datum Electronics are able to provide both modular and custom designed torque and rotary strain measurement solutions. The solutions range from an installation on a specific shaft or coupling on a test rig to the full design of an integral system for a drive system.

Our expertise includes areas and applications including electronics, rotary torque design, strain gauge applications, sensor design, stress analysis, shock and vibration, data analysis, marine application and interfaces and instrumentation systems. We have designed effective and workable solutions for a number of industries including, Marine, Test, Control and Management, Energy & Technology, Automotive/Motor Sport, Aerospace, Oil & Gas.


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