Series 420 Shaft Power Meter

The Datum Electronics Series 420 Shaft Power Meter provides an accurate tool to access and monitor the performance and efficiency of the ships transmission system. 

The transducer accurately measures the on-shaft torque (kNm), speed of the shaft rotation (rpm) and the power (kW) that is going through the shaft. The system can be applied to both single and dual shaft ship systems. The data is transmitted from the shaft as serial data which can be displayed and processed off-shaft. The information is also NEMA based and can be directly interfaced to ship management systems (NEMA). 

The System provides actual data on the power delivered that can be compared with the expected design performance, together with ongoing data, that will indicate any changes to this expected performance level. 

Condition monitoring of a system of this type is important to any modern day vessel. Being able to accurately measure and record the ships power and speed data can help towards determining equipment condition and efficiency. It’s a pro-active measure with the specific purpose of improving performance and efficiency through a ship transmission system. 

System Outline 

The Datum Electronics Series 420 Shaft Power Monitor can either be a dual or a single shaft system to provide highly accurate non-contact torque measurement of shaft torque, speed and power. 

The system comprises:- 

Shaft assembly (including 1 off rotor and 1 off stator) Stator electronics module providing all outputs (RS485 to a ship PC or a bridge indicator. 4-20mA, 0-10Vdc, RS232 and USB (local logging). Bracket mountings for mounting stator assembly.

Control Display Unit 1 off Control Display Unit with Local indication of Torque and shaft power (as a function of measured torque & speed).  This information is displayed on the integral Control Unit main display. The Control Unit also records & displays accumulated running hours for the shaft(s) so that the in-service life of propulsion equipment may be easily monitored. Once all the information has been processed the unit transmits Torque, Speed and Power data via RS485 to the optional remote display(s).

Additional Remote Indicators with visual display of data (repeat of control display). These require a minimum of 1 off Control Display Unit to “drive” the remote displays. Can be Panel mounted if required, the remote display(s) receive RS485 Data from the Local Display control unit and display Torque, Speed and Power. The display(s) also show direction of shaft rotation which is annotated by an illuminated legend, showing ‘AHEAD’ or ‘ASTERN’. 

Shaft Power Meter
  • Single or Dual Shaft Applications
  • Designed to fit variable size ship shafts
  • Easy fit solution that can gives reliable measurement
  • Pro-Active Power Measurement
  • Condition Monitoring Data provided
  • Data Logging Software Strong Robust Design
  • Ships data information relayed to pc or laptop (including)
  • Running hours
  • Accumulated power
  • Power log
  • TorqueLog 

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