SERIES 440 PDA Based Torque transducer

Torque transducer, indicator and logging system

At Datum Electronics we understand our customer’s needs for systems that are appropriate for their application.

By thinking about how a modern customer approaches and utilises technology from the cutting edge we decided to apply new thinking to how we can indicate data in a handy, logical way, portable and flexible enough to be used for other applications.

This led us to design a modern PDA based indicator for the Datum Electronics Series 440.

PDA based software from Datum Electronics displaying Torque.

Ability to log data to CSV files that can then be downloaded via the PDA’s USB port or even Bluetooth if required.

The software is installed to the PDA so that it can still, if required, be used as a pure PDA device.

This system was recently installed into a coupling spacer which enabled our customer to accurately monitor the Torque whilst inserting Screw piles into difficult terrain.

Previous methods were highly inaccurate, but with this simple design they now have a complete, robust method of logging the data required.

Datum Electronics are able to adapt this system to all manner of applications.

By utilising a simple PDA display loaded with our software, we have removed the need for a specialist indicator for field based applications such as the one shown on above

Datum Electronics are specialists in the design and manufacture of rotating torque measuring devices. Our torque measurement solutions are wide and varied and we have three standard torque transducers plus a range of bespoke solutions that we have engineered for customers in a variety of different industries.

If you have looked through the product examples and you cannot find a solution that meets your needs we may be able to offer a bespoke solution that meets you needs. Our knowledge and expertise within a variety of specialist fields allows us to focus on your requirements in an effective and professional way.

Our expertise includes areas and applications including electronics, rotary torque design, strain gauge applications, sensor design, shock and vibration, data analysis, marine application and interfaces and instrumentation systems. We have designed effective and workable solutions for a number of industries including, Marine, Test, Control and Management, Energy & Technology, Automotive/Motor Sport, Aerospace, Oil & Gas.

Example custom build applications that we have worked upon include:

Power Measurements on a coupling for batch concrete mixing:

The concrete mixer is powered by a motor that drives a spindle shaft within the mixing drum to mix the concrete. The shaft is connected by the motor via a large coupling, by measuring the torque on the coupling; it would provide insight into the force being applied to the concrete mix. Understanding this applied force within the mixing process would provide key information of mixture viscosity and therefore allow concrete quality and control without the need to control the input power. As long as the coupling controlling the shaft could be monitored, data could be provided in the viscosity of the mix, thus controlling quality and efficiency of concrete production.

High Temperature torque measurement in gear boxes

Designed for a formula 1 racing team in the design and build of the gear boxes, we tasked with developing a system capable of measuring torque in excess of 125C.

Measurement of torque for an underwater application

A company was looking at a prototype submersible application that required the measurement of rotary torque at an underwater depth of up to 2 metres. The main problem was protecting the equipment for underwater use, utilising our existing technology in our standard rotary devices.

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