Torque Transducers and Torque Sensors

Datum Electronics Torque Products are designed utilising the latest technology and can be supplied either as standard products off the shelf or custom products tailored to meet your requirements.

The New Series 425 Electronics is based on the latest ARM technology and offers very high specification signal conditioning and signal processing. The Series 425 technology employs contactless digital transmission of data from the shaft of the sensor to the static body. It means Datum can offer High Accuracy, High Samples Rates and a totally flexible range of signal outputs all as standard in a simple to use package.

Torque Sensors and Torque TransducersTorque Sensor Non ContactTorque Sensor 200KNmTorque Sensor 25,000Nm

Shown below are popular examples of the Torque Sensors within our range. In addition to these we have 100's of specialist solutions including OEM and high volume, to meet your requirements



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