Type 135 RS485 Load Cell Amplifier

The Type 135 is ideal strain measurements from any full bridge strain sensors (load cell, pressure transducers, strain gauges, Bolt-on etc). 

They Type 135 can be supplied with its own enclosure or on its own to best meet a customers specifications

The Type 135 is designed for use with customer’s software the transmission protocol is available for developers wishing to configure their own software interface

  • +/-3mV/V input Range

  • Pwr input 6-12DC

  • Standard Output binary/hex

  • Outputting an ASCII String can be done for volume orders, please discuss with Sales (Example: $S,xxx.xx etc

Type 135 Amplifier Specifications

  • The amplifier is sampling at 24bit.
  • Thermal Gain and Zero Coefficients are in both in the order of 0.015% per 10deg
  • Non-Linearity 0.01%
  • Gains can be set in software
  • Baud rate can be set in software
  • Sample rates from 4 per second to 4000 per second
  • Single channel
  • Multiplex Dual Channel option – Contact Sales as extra software work by us
  • Temperature range -10C to +70C (wider operation -20C to +85C)
  • Storage -40C to +100C

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