Type 300 Digital Indicator

Type 300 Digital Torque Indicator is suitable for use with all full bridge sensors including Load Cells, Torque Transducers and Pressure Transducers. It provides a clear large LED display of the torque and scales its signal to display in the required units. A simple set-up menu operated from the keypad has clearly displayed prompts. Alternatively it can be set-up through its RS232 port using a computer and the simple Windows facility. 

With dual function RS232 port the main port allows full communication with the display for both set-up and downloading data to other systems, the second port provides an output to a serial printer. The analogue output (torque) is 0-10VDC and 4-20mA. 

The Type 300 indicators are issued with a calibration certificate which adheres to the British Industry Standard BS7882:1997. All products manufactured by Datum Electronics are guaranteed for a period of 12 months. 

  • Weight, Torque, Strain, Pressure Indicator
  • Engineering Units Display
  • 6-wire Sensor Input
  • RS232 Output
  • Peak Hold
  • Dual Trip Output
  • Analogue Output 


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