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Torque Measurement


Torque Transducers with Datum Electronics

Datum Electronics specialise in torque measurement solutions. Our principle activity is providing Rotary Torque Measurement solutions, torque transdcuers and torque sensors engaging the needs of our customers in a variety of different environments and applications.

Torque Transducer

Torque Measurement

Our Rotary torque transducers are available in an array of different types and varieties to meet the needs of our customers.  Torque measurement can be used in a number of different applications including: 

  • monitoring and control
  • power management
  • increased efficiency savings
  • power monitoring


Torque Transducer Solutions

We have a standard range of torque sensors and transducers which we have developed over a number of years. Measuring torque in Newton Meters (Nm) as standard, we can measure torque from as low as 5Nm up to and including 500,000Nm.

Torque Transducer Specifications:

Torque Rating:   5Nm – 500,000Nm
Rotational Speed:  0 – 20,000rpm
Data Sampling Rate:  0 – 20,000sps
Torque Output:   Nm / lbft / lb-in / kNm
Calibration Units:  RS232 / RS485 / 0-10V / 4-20mA / +/- 10V / +/-12mA
Shaft Requirements:  Can be either standard or fitted to free issued shaft
Accuracy:  System Accuracy 0.1% (0.05% can be achieved)
Environmental Protection:  IP54 (standard) Up to IP68 if required
Torque Analysis Options: Standard torque, speed & power with optional torque ripple


Torque Transducers - A definitive guide

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M420 Torque Transducer
Conventional transducer with rotary shaft and static body with bearings

M420 Data Sheet

FF420 Torque Transducer
Flange-flange coupling spacer torque transducer. No bearings.

FF420 Data Sheet

RS420 Torque Transducer
Splined or Keyway shaft mounted transducer with non-contact transmission to stator. No bearings.

Transducer Specifications

  • Accurate On Shaft Torque Measurement
  • Flexible shaft fittings (Din Size Flange)
  • Modular System Assembly
  • Non-contact Signal Transmission
  • Proven Technology
  • Low Maintenance
  • Simple Linear Calibration
  • Engineered to fit most drive components
  • Rotary and Static Torque Measurement
  • Optional Analogue Data Output
  • LABVIEW compatible