Torque Measurement

Torque measurement provides an insight into the actual rotary forces at work. The data will give you

•          Absolute Levels of Torque for Machinery Protection and Process Control

•          Transient Torque – Peak Torque, Torque Events that may damage your machinery

•          Torsional Vibration – for Testing and Condition Monitoring of drivelines

Datum’s range of torque measurement instrumentation will provide accurate dynamic and static torque data to a high resolution. The instrumentation can be supplied as standard transducers or in engineered solutions.


To calculate the Torque (Nm),  enter your Power (WATTS) and RPM below.


How do we calculate this?

Torque (Nm) = Power (W) ÷ ( ( RPM ÷ 30 ) ∗ π )

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